Avail 25% Off On Your Purchase Of ELETTRA – Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag!

Bags are the best friend of human being especially when on a vacation or holiday. However, the use of bags are not merely confined till travelling, it further stretches to shopping and commuting to office and schools too. Bags play really a very incredible and indispensable role in our life. They serve our purpose in the best possible manner provided that we choose the right type of bag. One of such bags that prove true to the expectation of all; even goes a step ahead of the expectation is ELETTRA–Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag.

The fact needs no furtherintroduction that in the current hi-tech scenario, the advent and advancementof technology is at its highest peak and its best example can be seen in ELETTRA– Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag. There are a number of enhancements made inthis simple shoulder bag that make it very valuable for multipurpose use.


Let’s showcase some of the finefeatures of this tremendous bag–

Special Offer-25% OffThe most alluring aspect of this technical bag is that it comes with money making deals and discounts that enable the customers avail 25% off on their purchase of this Waterproof Bag; but sadly this offer is valid till June only. So, hurry up and avail the deal fast before it slips off your hand. Visit www.o-range.com/en/bb11-5/ and pick your piece now!

CapaciousThis amazing bag is specifically made in such a way that it can efficiently hold all your essential items in it. The secret of its efficiency lies in its design and engineering; they are designed and developed in a way which makes them look compact, modern and exclusive. This smart shoulder bag has functional cuts, patterns and pockets at different sides that make it act worth for your money!

Technically TactfulThe bag is technically sound as ELETTRA – Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag has a USB port that helps you get your phone charged even on the move. It would be fair to state that it is a great innovation of technology that has completely changed the meaning of the bags.


WaterproofThese days, most of the accessories like watches etc. are made waterproof and ELETTRA- Shoulder Bag is no exception to it. Now, you no longer need to deprive yourself of making the fun in rain just due to the risk of getting your stuff wet in the rain water. You can enjoy your time in full swing even in the heavy rain without having to worry about getting your belongings wet as ELETTRA- Shoulder Bag is there to safeguard your stuff from water and moisture.


Now when you go out in foggy weather, head out to enjoy swimming, camping or trekking in a wet region, don’t miss to have an ELETTRA–Technical Waterproof Shoulder Bag with you! This technically talented bag has made our lives a lot easier and enjoyable. A great companion at the small trip or long vacation! So, go and get your bag today from O-range and be sure to avail 25% off on your purchase. Hurry up! Offer valid till June only and stocks are running fast too!

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